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Electrical and Security Solutions in Johannesburg

Security Risk Management

ELSEC Risk Management is the division of ELSEC offering risk analysis and assessment. Allowing you to reduce security risks through our priceless recommendations, we are committed to helping you identify any flaws in your current security structure. This specific division of ELSEC services the clients by offering them solutions to gauge the security risks and advise them about fixing potent security-related vulnerabilities in as cost-effective a manner as possible in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Add Experts into the Equation for Effective Risk Evaluation and Assessment

At ELSEC, our utmost priority is to highlight all those security vulnerabilities that criminal operators can use to their advantage. We not only offer you an in-depth picture of those security risks facing your home or office, we use an unconventional approach to determine security weaknesses that may have slipped your scrutiny.

Giving business and home owners a break from the tried and tested methods that no longer work, we have the specialized experience and unsurpassed expertise it takes to assert ourselves as the true leaders in the security industry. Offering meaning risk assessment in Johannesburg, South Africa, we are your strategic partners to overcome all those roadblocks that stand between you and fulfillment of your security needs.

We Make Risk Mitigation a Dream Come True

With experience of more than 4 decades, at ELSEC, we put great emphasis on customer satisfaction and take pride in our ability to instantly respond to client’s security needs. Giving every single one of our clients’ specialized services, our philosophy is ‘a risk-free environment is a healthy environment’. In a bid to stay committed to our vision in Johannesburg, South Africa, we don’t hesitate to go to any lengths if the end-result creates a foundation for risk-eliminating strategies suggested by our professional and technically sound team of individuals.

Reduce Your Odds of Losses Exponentially

Our aim is to throw security risks out of the picture. At ELSEC, we dedicate our time and invest our energy to meet or even exceed your expectations. We identify risks, report them and suggest quick-fixes without leaving a hole in your pocket. With this unique customer-centric approach, we make recommendations that are not only relevant, they offer great value for money. As industry leaders, we are committed to providing continuous specialization and improvement. Our out-of-the-box tools and contemporary technology makes it possible for us to enhance security at the desired site.

Take a look at our professionally managed, high-quality Risk Assessment Services promising to live up to your expectations:


Want to take superior control of your security? Allow us to assess your security risk competently and help you make well-informed decisions.

Electrical and Security Solutions in Johannesburg